Frequently asked questions

HunterG is a device, which detects spiders and scorpions, localizes with laser and calls for help with alarm

HunterG uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for detection and localization of spiders and scorpions

HunterG could be placed near the baby's cradle, in the middle of the room or in the corner, could be taken with you on a trip, for using in the hotel room, cottage, even in nature. It weights about 600 gr.

HunterG is absolutely safe, because it uses laser of class 1 (beam with less then 0.039 milliwatt), which is safe even for human eye. Also it doesn't transmit or capture any signals (Wi-Fi, ultrasound, electromagnetic)

There is no scientific evidence that low-frequency signals do not affect the nervous system of the baby for a long time of exposure, as well as devices with ultrasound work closer to the floor and do not affect walls and ceilings. Finally, all of these devices use DC power, and HunerG is mobile, with a battery, and can be used anywhere without being connected to DC power

About 10 hours

HunterG can detect target up to 8 meters

Unfortunatelly, at this moment our local shipping cariers could deliver parcels only to countries from the list. We hope, HunterG will be available to everyone when we will ship it through online markets

The expected price is 180$ and for pre-ordered users it will be available at 10% discount plus shipping costs, which are about 30$ for available countries